Video Testimonials

Build trust and credibility for your business with our trusted Video Testimonials.

The best sales people for your business are your existing customers. Let them speak for you to generate new business through authenticated Video Testimonials.

Boost Trust

Featuring happy customers in your videos helps persuade new customers to buy from you.

100% Genuine

Your videos are completely authentic as they are given by real customers and verified by us.

Proven ROI

Get higher conversions, increase click throughs, improve traffic to your website and your SEO.

Let's do it

It’s easy, you choose a couple of your best clients and we do the rest, all in total confidence too.

Watch Below

See how Arthur Beverly got his Video Testimonials made.


Testimonial videos are the easiest promotional videos to commission as all you do is contact your chosen clients and we do the rest.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1 – You choose your clients

Choose the clients that you think will be happy to give you a testimonial on camera.

2 – We do the rest…

We contact them on your behalf to arrange a mutually suitable date, time and location for filming.

3 – You get your videos – done!

Once the videoing is done, we then edit it, add your branding and supply you the finished videos.

View Some of our Trusted Testimonial Videos below

Below are just some of the testimonial videos we have done.

Why Testimonial Videos?

There are many reasons why every business should be using Video Testimonials for their marketing…

Video Testimonials are better than text

A well executed testimonial video hits all of the points that help people remember your company.

Video Testimonials trigger emotions

When a customer is visibly happy about your product or service, potential customers will feel that too.

Video Testimonials convert

Companies are getting more video testimonials made because they convert customers and generate revenue.

Video Testimonials get shared

Your testimonial video is more likely to get shared than a textual testimonial.

Video Testimonials build trust in your brand

Consumers trust video testimonials over text.

We verify that every Video Testimonial is genuine

Because we do them we can guarantee they are genuine.

Video Testimonials are Digital Marketing Gold

A well made video testimonial is your most valuable piece of digital content.

People prefer watching video than reading text

The same goes for testimonials too, they would rather watch one than read one.

Potential Customers are watching video

If your company doesn’t use video then your competition probably is.

Video Testimonials are the easiest promotional videos to get for your business

Simply contact us and we will do the rest!

The Benefits of Video Testimonials

• Your clients are the best sales people for your business
• Build trust and credibility
• Video Testimonials are better than text
• Video Testimonials trigger emotions
• Video Testimonials convert and get shared
• We verify every Video Testimonial as genuine
• Video Testimonials are Digital Marketing Gold
• People prefer watching video
• Make your clients feel worthy
• Video Testimonials are the easiest videos to get for your business!

Our Typical Video Testimonial Package


3 Client Testimonial Videos
(1-2 minutes each)
3 Social Media Video Ads
from the above (10-15 seconds each)
3 Social Media Graphic Ads
from the above for all platforms
3 Sets of Social Media Copy
from the above videos

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